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Authentic Trade Show Video

I nice project to start the year with. A phone call between Christmas & New Year set up a meeting for January 4th. That meeting lead to a deadline of January 14th. Yikes, time to start writing, call some crew and make a plan.

Four shoot days at IGM were filled with wonderful people, a lot of product, and a small room to shoot in. Editorial was done mostly over the weekend with some revisions in the days after.

Shot on two cameras: Panasonic GH4 that I really appreciated for 4K even though I dropped it down to 2K and for the 60p when not shooting 4k. The Macro-Elmarit Leica lens was a sweetheart although I did use the Panasonic zooms a bit, too. For 4:2:2 color capture of Mr. K., the Canon XF-300 was as usual, wonderful. Edited with Premiere Pro.