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Authentic Content Promo Reel

This is who I am, where I've been, and where I'm going.

Any purposeful day with a camera in hand is a good day. Taking the place of the camera could be a hammer, a shovel, a tree, or another person's hand and the day is the same - a good one.

I have found that I am at my best when around people of similar spirit - the spirit of adventure, of compassion, of need being fulfilled. This goes back to my days leading high school youth groups on service trips to Tijuana and surrounding areas, where I found that waking up with a single purpose of doing good filled the community of us, and me, with a genuine feeling of purpose.

I really like people, travel, and situations that require or inspire an empathetic response. I don't always go for the jugular of pain and suffering because those can be too painful to watch. I do find that showing the balance of need and service filling that need to be inspiring.

This is all authentic content with very little direction, sometimes a bit of light, and usually more of an interview than prepared script process. People are often intimidated by being on camera. Having a conversation while the cameras are rolling is different, they sometimes even forget the camera is there, they are real and the viewer connects on a real level.

I am based in Southern California, and am ready to go wherever needed on pretty much a moment's notice. If you are have a real message to share, give a call or hit me with an email and know that I am in.