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Authentic Content Promo Reel 2017

Having been an agent for commercial artists for a couple of decades and now promoting myself as the creative I am SO much more empathetic to the difficulty of deciding what to show. Creating a "sizzle" reel is a process of selecting the best new work, parting ways with some old favorites, and combining it, somehow, into a visual narrative.

This is the best of what I do. This is what I love to do. This is me, without me being in front of the camera.

It is safe to say that I am a generalist within the broad niche of people-based videos. Yes, I've shot some products and done it well, but I sing best (no, you don't want to hear that!) with a person in front of the camera. I work with directors or by myself, with on-camera interviewers or by myself, with a crew of many or of very few. Often it is myself, or myself and one person that can capture a nice interview or testimonial.

In the past year I have vastly upgraded my equipment. In truth, given pretty much any camera I can capture a still or video clip of interest, but quality of the digital information, audio and video alike, does make a difference. Most of the newer work is at the front end of this reel. I think the difference shows.

So, take a look. Give a call. I am easy to talk to!

Why Authentic Content?

I've been futzing around building my visual chops for ... depending on how you count them ... a few years or a several decades. A career as a photographers agent kept my artistic desires pretty well in the closet. Yes, the money was good but I always did like having a decent camera held to eye.…
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Authentic Not-For-Profit Video

The Santa Clarita Valley Senior Center - An incredibly active place!

When asked by a friend to create a video for the Santa Clarita Valley Senior Center to show at their annual fundraiser and donor appreciation dinner I simply said, "Yes." This is what one does when a friend asks so nicely and has done you several solids in the past.

Thus began a fairly amazing journey into the world of the aging here in the Santa Clarita Valley. I found that age does have its downside for many, but for the most part you are only as old as you and your health want to be. I found people well into their 80's exercising, learning languages and computers, going on trips and playing cards. Yes, cards are a great social and mind-maintenance pastime.

I also found an adult day care center that deals with the range of stages of Alzheimer's disease. Many seniors there were in the early stages and just a bit forgetful. Others were further advanced and needed almost constant supervision.

In all the various programs there are leaders, staff and volunteers, that truly care about each person there, that take the time to teach at the given person's level of understanding and ability.

The volunteers in all areas - food prep and delivery is huge - range in experience from first timers to decades-long contributors. Each has their own story of how they got involved, why they stay, and usually a favorite memory of one person that they touched along the way making an impression on them that stuck through time.

I hope you enjoy this video and that it inspires you to volunteer somewhere near you, or, if a senior yourself, that you find a desire to get out of the house and go meet some new and interesting people.

Charity Event Video

When a business supports a charity through hosting an event, it is an ideal opportunity to show that good deed.

Realtor Tracy Hauser is a phenom of energy and good will. She is also one heck of a realtor in the Santa Clarita valley, knowing every neighborhood and the vast details that a real estate transaction requires. She has been nominated as woman of the year and continues serving the community in many ways.

The Closet on Main is the retail store for Single Mothers Outreach.

DaAnne Smith, Executive Director of Single Mothers Outreach, gives a great overview of the services that organization offers, and they are many. Worth noting - the services are not just for women, single men are also welcome. If you haven't shopped The Closet on Main it is much more than a thrift store, with very high quality items being sold are incredibly reasonable rates.