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Family Focus Resource Center – Attract & Inform Video

My favorite projects are ones that introduce me to people that live in the moment. The women of Family Focus Resource Center all have raised children with disabilities. The service they provide is helping parents new to the same situation learn of the various programs and services available to them.

I let these service providers and consumers tell their own stories. The intended viewer of the video, often a parent that has just confirmed their belief that their child has an issue needing special help, meets the people on screen that they may well meet in the office at a later date. The consumer testimonials from the parents currently making use of FFRC services are genuine, captured with my direct-to-camera interview technique. Familiarity, in this case, breeds trust.

My thanks to the folks at Family Focus Resource Center for the work they do and the opportunity they provided me!


Cystic Fibrosis Foundation 2018 California Winemasters Fundraiser

If you are a foodie, like wine or incredible auctions of food, wine and travel, this is an event you want to be at. Held each May on the Warner Brothers backlot it is a sellout crowd of about 14oo coming to enjoy the fantastic food, wonderful wines and to help raise money for a worthwhile cause.

With about 75 of California's finest winemakers giving tastes and auctioning of rare lots often unavailable unless you are already on their list, this is an opportunity to stock up your cellar for your own special events.

As important as some of those wine lots are, some of the top auction items include travel. Perhaps your own island in the Mediterranean before heading to Venice, Italy, is to your liking, or any of many exclusive opportunities to travel and dine in style across America and Europe.

The chefs come from all over Southern California and bring their best. The variety is extreme, from tapas to pizza, vegan to steak, fish to fowl. Nobody goes home hungry!

To get tickets or ask to be a featured chef or vintner, go to


Cystic Fibrosis “2017 Winemasters Fundraiser”

One of the best events of the year and a perennial top 10 charity wine auction, A Culinary Evening with The California Winemasters held at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, sold out again. With 50 internationally recognized chefs and 75 top wineries donating their time, talents and treasures in benefit of The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation it is an evening to remember.

Authentic Content Promo Reel

This is who I am, where I've been, and where I'm going.

Any purposeful day with a camera in hand is a good day. Taking the place of the camera could be a hammer, a shovel, a tree, or another person's hand and the day is the same - a good one.

I have found that I am at my best when around people of similar spirit - the spirit of adventure, of compassion, of need being fulfilled. This goes back to my days leading high school youth groups on service trips to Tijuana and surrounding areas, where I found that waking up with a single purpose of doing good filled the community of us, and me, with a genuine feeling of purpose.

I really like people, travel, and situations that require or inspire an empathetic response. I don't always go for the jugular of pain and suffering because those can be too painful to watch. I do find that showing the balance of need and service filling that need to be inspiring.

This is all authentic content with very little direction, sometimes a bit of light, and usually more of an interview than prepared script process. People are often intimidated by being on camera. Having a conversation while the cameras are rolling is different, they sometimes even forget the camera is there, they are real and the viewer connects on a real level.

I am based in Southern California, and am ready to go wherever needed on pretty much a moment's notice. If you are have a real message to share, give a call or hit me with an email and know that I am in.