CG Producer Reel

Sometimes I work for a living, and have fun doing it.

It can be said that computer-generated art and the photographic techniques that help make it real is part of my roots. If not for Paul Debevec's online classes in high dynamic range imaging (HDRI) I probably would not have had the chance to shoot my first commercial, would not have gained the confidence that yes, darnit, I can do this and really enjoy it, and would not have grown to the point I am at now.

But yes, work is worthy, even for me.

This video showcases several techniques. Opening with a flicker-free time lapse of day into night from Point Dume, a bit of mirror lens on the moon and then a dusk freeway, a series of urban freeway time lapse unfolds into a showcase of computer generated cars with the creation steps shown in fair detail. The better video of computer generated car in real scene is the first one, but the music went longer and we needed something to fill it out with. Most people don't notice the flaws in the red car, but if you're good and see them I want you to know that I do, too.

Tree People

I was introduced to Tree People by the folks at American Marketing Association Los Angeles. Spending a morning seeing a volunteer crew at work in the Santa Monica Mountains, restoring what had been a field of entirely invasive mustard, was seeing community at work.

Authentic Content Promo Reel

This is who I am, where I've been, and where I'm going.

Any purposeful day with a camera in hand is a good day. Taking the place of the camera could be a hammer, a shovel, a tree, or another person's hand and the day is the same - a good one.

I have found that I am at my best when around people of similar spirit - the spirit of adventure, of compassion, of need being fulfilled. This goes back to my days leading high school youth groups on service trips to Tijuana and surrounding areas, where I found that waking up with a single purpose of doing good filled the community of us, and me, with a genuine feeling of purpose.

I really like people, travel, and situations that require or inspire an empathetic response. I don't always go for the jugular of pain and suffering because those can be too painful to watch. I do find that showing the balance of need and service filling that need to be inspiring.

This is all authentic content with very little direction, sometimes a bit of light, and usually more of an interview than prepared script process. People are often intimidated by being on camera. Having a conversation while the cameras are rolling is different, they sometimes even forget the camera is there, they are real and the viewer connects on a real level.

I am based in Southern California, and am ready to go wherever needed on pretty much a moment's notice. If you are have a real message to share, give a call or hit me with an email and know that I am in.